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More than 1 million new residents have moved to North Carolina since 2010, which creates a larger market and should create lower prices. BUT our insurance policy rates keep climbing every year. These increases are across the board and affect homeowners, renters, auto, small and large business, start-up businesses and organizations, professional liability, life, property and other insurance rates. 


Why? No one in Raleigh is fighting to keep the rates down and the current Commissioner is dependent upon insurance industry campaign cash.  David is going to change that in his first day in office.

When David is elected as Commissioner of the Department of Insurance, he will fight against any insurance rate increases during his four year term.  ​David will be the fighter North Carolinians need.  He's done it before, he'll do it again.


When David is elected, the entire Department of Insurance will be re-organized towards helping North Carolinians, small business owners, farmers, seniors, members of the military and public servants ensure their rates are low and they get what they paid for when they need their insurance company to step up.  


This means that insurance companies will have 60 days to pay claims or be subject to a penalty that is paid to you, not the DOI.  The insurance companies don't allow you to make late payments, why should we let them make late claim payments to their customers and you?  


David is committed to stopping the overcharging of seniors on their medical bills, helping resolve claims quickly and fairly, providing Medicare supplemental insurance for all North Carolina seniors and working to expand Medicare for all.  David believes that the time to act is now and that we can create a better future for our seniors.


David understands that public servants are the backbone of our communities. He is committed to getting discounts on home and auto insurance for our public servants including firefighters, law enforcement, nurses, teachers, EMTs, union members, state workers, and others.

Insurance Company Ratings Website

When my new team takes the helm January 1, 2025, we will begin work on a public website that has ratings for auto, home, renters, and other insurance lines. This website will include a rating based upon price, customer complaints, payment of claims, and other factors.  This will give consumers a clear and concise website to shop for insurance and hold bad insurance companies to account.

Create Ombudsman for Providers & Caregivers

The caregivers providing services to North Carolinians should have an advocate for them at the DOI.  I will add a dedicated staff person to work with providers and caregivers when they have disputes with insurance companies.  It's time we took care of those taking care of us and I'm committed to making this change.

$5000 Tax Credit for all Firefighters

Volunteer and paid firefighters provide an invaluable service to our state.  I'm proposing and will push with the NC General Assembly a $5000 tax credit for every firefighter that is either full time or has at least 10 hours of service as a volunteer each month.   The $5000 will allow us to honor the commitment these public servants make and a partial reiumbursement for their gas, and other out of pocket expenses.

Second Set of Firefighter Turnout Gear: A Necessity

When I take office in January 2024, I will immeidately begin the process of procuring a 2nd set of turnout gear for any NC fire deptartment and/or rescue squad that requests it.  This 2nd set of gear will help lower the rate of cancer that an unclean set of gear subjects firefighters.  The gear costs approximately $2500 per firefighter and many departments cannot afford this extra cost.  

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