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David B. Wheeler is running to be the next North Carolina Insurance Commissioner and the only Democratic candidate living west of Charlotte running for the Council of State.  David is a single father of three kids of color, son, small business owner, and independent Democrat that loves North Carolina and the United States of America.  Growing up in a small town, David was raised by his Marine father, Gale, and CWA union mother, Donna with his three brothers and sister.  David first became politically involved when he was ten on a local campaign with his parents, and has been hooked on politics and public service since. 

In addition, David was elected Majority Leader of the High School Statewide Model Legislature, was selected as a State House of Representatives Page, served as a United States Senate intern, restarted the dormant state Young Democrats, and was elected to the Young Democrats National Committee.  David also worked in the Secretary of State's office.

David Wheeler For NC Commissioner Football
David Wheeler For NC Commissioner

David has started and led various companies over the last thirty years. His first business venture, at age twenty-four, was Protocol International, Inc., an event management firm. Protocol specialized in managing high profile events for corporate and government clients. During Wheeler’s tenure as President, he was responsible for the firm’s involvement in more than 1,000 projects in thirty-five countries with fifty Fortune 500 clients, including more than a dozen head of state visits to the United States. Protocol expanded with offices in Los Angles, New York, Paris, London, and partnered with PICO in Hong Kong.

Since his first business, David has gone on to work on a number of unique projects, including managing the first marathon in Antarctica, producing the first Presidential candidate forum focused on cancer issues, lowering the level of the Mississippi River for an event in Burlington, Iowa, and producing the first professional sports event in Russia. 

David Wheeler For NC Commissioner Antarctica
David Wheeler For NC Commissioner

David was also a Senior Vice President of the largest publicly traded meeting and event management firm, Ambassadors LLC, and helped grow the company and manage significant clients. David also founded a successful second event management firm, Embark LLC, which focused on communication events, government relations forums, complex marketing event management, corporate conferences and travel programs. Embark was a partner with Clarion Events Ltd. of London. David also was Co-Founder and President of Conference IQ LLC. CIQ is the world’s largest directory of business events and professional speakers.

David helped launch Global Higher Education Group LLC, based in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, with partners in Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.  David is leading this as the Chief Executive Officer and is a founding shareholder. GHED is focused on providing international students with scholarships and global university choices through a match-making platform. David is actively involved in the Mitchell County community. He has served on the Board of Directors for Spruce Pine Montessori, and is currently Chairman of Health-e Schools. He has previously run for office to bring adequate representation to his local community. 

David Wheeler For NC Commissioner
David Wheeler For NC Commissioner

David graduated from the University of Iowa with a major in political science and an emphasis in economics. David’s ex-wife, Jeannine Marchand is an accomplished artist. David and Jeannine co-parent their children Calia (12), Nicholas (10) and Quinn (7) in Spruce Pine.



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More than 1 million new residents have moved to North Carolina since 2010, which creates a larger market and should create lower prices. BUT our insurance policy rates keep climbing every year. These increases are across the board and affect homeowners, renters, auto, small and large business, start-up businesses and organizations, professional liability, life, property and other insurance rates. 


Why? No one in Raleigh is fighting to keep the rates down and the current Commissioner is dependent upon insurance industry campaign cash.  David is going to change that in his first day in office.

When David is elected as Commissioner of the Department of Insurance, he will fight against any insurance rate increases during his four year term.  ​David will be the fighter North Carolinians need.  He's done it before, he'll do it again.


When David is elected, the entire Department of Insurance will be re-organized towards helping North Carolinians, small business owners, farmers, seniors, members of the military and public servants ensure their rates are low and they get what they paid for when they need their insurance company to step up.  


This means that insurance companies will have 60 days to pay claims or be subject to a penalty that is paid to you, not the DOI.  The insurance companies don't allow you to make late payments, why should we let them make late claim payments to their customers and you?  

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